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countdown to revolution


"The late 1990's and early 2000s saw the rise of the return to coffeehouse culture along with a generation of socially conscious spoken-word and indie soul artists come of age as the keepers of the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 70's. The members of this urban expressionist movement were able to succeed where other failed by cultivating and nurturing the younger generations of artists, furthering a 'new world Griot' tradition.

Synnika Lofton, multi-award-winning poet, entrepreneur, educator and keeper of this tradition, offers a highly relevant collection of selections on his E.P. "Countdown To Revolution", smoothly offering a frank and insightful assessment of the need for the Black Lives Matter, I Can't Breath!, and Justice or Else! movements.

Well crafted verse, with excellent guitar and vocal accompaniment creates a mood and tone of true urban soul, with such selections as "American Outlaw", my personal favorite from the album, "If I Die Before I Wake", "Leave a Light on For Me" and "Ready For A Solution".

My only criticisms of the project: Producer should have paid a little more attention to the mixing and mastering of the recording. While it's an excellent production, a little more attention to the dynamics of the instrumentation and hook singing against the voice. Also, I wish the project had more material on it. Just as you begin to get into it, it's over."


“A 'New Breed of Poem' is Black and proud. It is the lasting message of righteous discontent delivered by a new and bravely lyrical messenger. Here is vivid imagery, relevant purpose, and lamentation riddled with hope.”

Kyle Bass, Playwright



“Poet Immortal takes performance poetry to yet another place. He makes full use of the available arsenal (Rap, Spoken Word, Rhythm & Blues) to take us into the uplift level of guerilla mood. His lyrics are a refreshing shout-out to the love that we affirm and to our need to confront the social condition with possibility. His intention is clear -- wanting the ear to urge the spirit to engage the struggle now.”

Louis Reyes Rivera, Poet


Synnika Lofton encourages young people to get involved with social issues and the problems that affect their communities.

Tony Medina, Major Jackson, and Synnika Lofton;

James Madison University, Furious Flower, 2004

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  Synnika Lofton is an award winning poet, the president and CEO of Guerrilla Ignition LLC, the host  of a Nationally Syndicated radio show, and an educator. Lofton has recorded more than one hundred and fifty CDs, albums, CD-singles, and mixtapes of poetry, including his highly praised debut, The New Breed. He is the author of eleven books and the founder of Riot Speech, a new musical genre combining performance poetry with traditional musical forms, such as Rock, Jazz, and Hip Hop. His poems have been published in Experience Reality Magazine, Quay: A Journal of the Arts, UpStreet: A Literary Magazine, and, in 2014, Lofton has been featured in Blind Sided Magazine. Lofton is also the President of Guerrilla Ignition LLC—an independent recording, publishing, and film company. He wrote the poem, "Sacred Drum," for the Goddard College Presidential Inauguration of former President Mark Schulman. Through his Global Poetry Project—an online initiative—his poetry has been heard in France, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Haiti, Venezuela, and Israel. His poems, "Guerrilla Ignition" and "Love's Outlaw" appeared in the documentary, Super-Size Me Too, by Fan Productions. Lofton received a B.A. and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Goddard College. He is a regular on Virginian television programs such as The Hampton Roads Show and Chesapeake’s Thinking Out Loud on WCTV. He teaches World Literature, British Literature, and Composition, while touring the country, performing at literary festivals, musical festivals, poetry readings, open mics, concerts, high schools, and colleges. He hosts his own poetry festival in April, the People’s Poetry Festival and has hosted poetry venues for aspiring writers for more than ten years. He also leads the African Mahogany Book Club—the longest running book club in Chesapeake Virginia. For booking info send an email to: