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Virginia Beach Community Gardens (VBCG) is a 501 (c)3 organization that seeks to develop community gardens in the City of Virginia Beach. The group began meeting in 2012 and formalized and became a nonprofit organization in 2013.

The goal of VBCG is to help build community through shared experience and foodways by assisting in the development of community gardens. Food has a distinctly unifying role among all ethnicities, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds; therefore, it is an area ripe for community building. This concept makes everyone in the community an active participant and allows the community to learn new skills while providing themselves, their families, and their neighbors with wholesome food. Community gardens empower citizens and enhance democracy by allowing individuals to connect.

Activism is a big part of Guerrilla Ignition's mission. After the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, and countless others, Guerrilla Ignition has devoted its energy and platform to creating awareness around issues of social justice, poverty, racism, gender discrimination, second class citizenship, and inadequate resources. 

On this page, you find the various organizations and causes that Guerrilla Ignition supports. 

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UrbanButterfly is dedicated to fostering an environment that promotes positive self- image, individuality, and self-esteem for adolescent girls. Founding members are Alisa Lofton, Dominique Huff, and Tanisha Simons.

Sadiq Ali is a retired educator, education consultant and author. He’s taught in the Hartford (CT.) Public Schools system for 37 years. In 1995, he founded the Benjamin E. Mays Institute, a 7th and 8th grades all-male academy within Hartford Public Schools. In 2008, Ali in-serviced staff of Lagrange, Georgia Public Schools on the concept of all-male educational institutions. During the summer of 2014, he relocated to Richmond, Virginia. Throughout that school year, Ali taught, on a part-time basis, language arts and rites of passage at Tawheed Prep School in Richmond. In May of 2015, he provided a workshop at James Madison University to public school educators of Harrisonburg, Virginia on methodologies of supporting black male students in the classroom with disabilities. In July of this year, Ali’s book, “Benjamin E. Mays Institute: Educating Young Black Males,” was published. Currently, he serves as a member of Tawheed Prep School’s Board of Trustees, Metropolitan Prep Academy’s Board of Directors (all-male charter school of Richmond which will open in September, 2016), as well as Greater Opportunity II Board of Directors, an organization based out of Hartford, Connecticut, established to develop a summer boarding school initiative for high school male students of that city.  Ali’s also collaborating with Virginia State University College of Education’s 3M Society: Male Teachers Molding Minds Initiative to conduct a Black Male Education Summit on February 27, 2016.


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International Artists and Writers for Resistance is a collective of writers, recording artists, and educators who seek to influence the public discourse on social justice issues in the United States and abroad. This movement was created in the wake of Black Lives Matter and the need to use art and dialogue to confront society.  Artists and writers from the US, UK, and India have all contributed to this collective.

State of Resistance is a hard hitting, socially conscious hip hop album, featuring artists from Virginia, New York, and Vermont. Artists such as Hakim Malik, Boomslang, and Lord Maitryea cleverly weave their political views into edgy rhythms, to create a listening experience that is educational, innovative, and entertaining.